Yugoslavia 5000 dinars 1993 VF

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Country Югославия
Year 1993
The value 5000 динаров
Composition Бумага
Circulation 22200000
Quality VF
Code catalog P-128a
Description Серия и номер банкноты могут отличаться от представленной на фото
Dimensions 158 × 76 мм


Banknote of 5000 dinars 1993 Yugoslavia - KM# 128 - XF.

Obverse: Portrait of Nikola Tesla (Serb. Nikola Tesla, eng. Nikola Tesla 10 July 1856, Smiljan, Austrian Empire, now Croatia — January 7, 1943, new York, USA) — inventor in the field of electrical and radio engineering of Serbian origin, engineer, physicist. Born and raised in Austria-Hungary, in the following years he worked mainly in France and the United States. In 1891 he obtained US citizenship. Widely known for his contribution to the creation of devices operating on alternating current, multiphase systems, synchronous generator and induction motor that allowed to make the so-called second phase of the industrial revolution. The logo of the National Bank of Yugoslavia.

Downside: the Museum of Nikola Tesla (Serb. Muse Nikola Tesla /Muzej Nikole Tesle) is a science Museum in the Central area of Belgrade (Serbia), entirely dedicated to the physicist-inventor Nikola Tesla.Museum opened on 5 December 1952, by decision of the Government of the Republic of Yugoslavia and housed in a two story house on the street of Proletarian brigades in Belgrade, built in 1927 according to the project of Serbian architect Dragisa of Brasovana. On the first floor of the Museum there is an exposition of models of instruments and machines invented by Nikola Tesla, as well as the collection of materials and documents about the life and work of the inventor. On the second floor of the manuscripts of Nikola Tesla, his notebooks, letters, books from his personal library and other materials designed to explore the creative legacy of the inventor.

Watermark: Repeated diamonds. Emission center: the national Bank of Yugoslavia

Typography: Institute for Manufacturing banknotes and coins – Topcider (Topcider), Belgrade. Artist D. Andric Fec. & Sc.; P. Medecijan - R. Obradovic C. G.

Legend: "People's Bank Ugoslavia. Narodna Banka Jugoslavije. Pet Hilda Dinar. Pet Hiljada Dinara. Ugoslavia. Jugoslavija."

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