Vatican city 2 Euro 2014 - 25 years fall of the Berlin wall

Article: 2euro-14-27
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Country Ватикан
Year 2014
The value 2 евро
Composition Биметалл
Weight 8.52 g
Diameter 25.7
Circulation 94000
Quality BU

25 years fall of the Berlin wall

The Berlin wall was erected August 13, 1961, on the recommendation of the conference of secretaries of Communist and workers ' parties of the Warsaw Pact (August 3-5, 1961) and based on the decision of the people's chamber of the GDR on August 11, 1961. During its existence several times reconstructed and improved.

Obverse: On the inner disk — image of the Berlin wall, below a stylized wall of bricks, which bears the inscription "XXV ANIVERSARIO DEL CROLLO DEL MURO DI BERLINO" ("the 25th anniversary of the FALL of the BERLIN WALL"). Complement project barbed wire and a Laurel branch. At the upper edge of the disk the name of the issuing state "CITTA` DEL VATICANO" and the bottom symbol of the mint (letter "R"). On the left edge denote the engraver, "C. M. inc." and artist "G. TITOTTO".

The outer ring — 12 stars of the European Union.

Reverse: Map of Europe located on the right side. On the background of the map shows six vertical lines. At the ends of these lines are 12 stars. To the left of the card has a numerical value. On the card is a horizontal inscription "EURO"

Vatican city 2 Euro 2014 - 25 years fall of the Berlin wall, купить в интернет магазине Номинал Клуб. Фото, описание, цена.

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