Turkey 1 Lira 2015 - Angora goat

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Country Турция
Year 2015
The value 1 лира
Composition Биметалл
Weight 8.3 g
Diameter 26.15
Circulation 50000
Quality AU
The mark of the mint Стамбул, Турция
GURT Рубчатый
Directory KM#1279


Period- The Republic Of Turkey (2005 - 2018). Kind of coinageJubilee coins.

Series Fauna of Turkey - Angora goat .

The Angora goat (also goat cemenska, from Arab. chamal, thin) — a type of goat with large, pendulous ears and long hair, soft components like silk, wool. From the wool of Angora goats produce the lustrous fiber known as the mohair. People often call it simply: Angora.

The Angora goat is stronger and more European, and the goat is different especially for its sharply bordered, horizontally, half curled and strong horns. Your (and Angora rabbit and Angora cat) is the name of this breed derives from the old name of present capital of Turkey Ankara — Angora. The first goats of the Angora breed was brought to Europe by the Holy Roman Emperor Charles V, about 1554.

Live weight of goats 45-50 kg, goat 30 to 35 kg. wool Production (mohair), respectively 4-7 kg and 2-4 kg. Yield of pure mohair 65-80 %. Milk production of goats during lactation 60-100 l at fat 4.4 percent. Meat has high taste qualities, from the skins of produce high-grade skin. Mohair is made from high-quality fabrics and carpets

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