USA 1 dollar 2007 Thomas Jefferson (P)

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Country США
Year 2007
The value 1 доллар
Composition Медь, плакированная Медь-Цинк-Марганец-Никелем
Weight 8.1 g
Diameter 26.5
Circulation 102810000
Quality AU
The mark of the mint P-Филадельфия
Directory KM#403

Thomas Jefferson American statesman and public figure, 3rd U.S. President (1801-1809).

Born April 13, 1743 in Virginia, the planter family, he was the third of eight children. When Thomas was 14 his father died, leaving the family 5 thousand acres of land and dozens of slaves. Later on this land was built by the famous estate, Monticello. In 1752, Jefferson enrolled in the local school, where he began to study ancient Greek, Latin and French. In 1762, Thomas graduated with honors from the College of William and Mary in Williamsburg, where he studied at the faculty of philosophy, in 1767, was licensed to practice law, and in 1769 was elected to the House of representatives of Virginia. The popularity of Jefferson brought a book he had written "overview of human rights in British America," In 1775 he was elected to the Second continental Congress, which after a year was created the Committee for preparing the Declaration of independence. In 1779, Jefferson became Governor of Virginia in 1781 was captured by the cavalry column of the British, whence soon fled, in the same year left the post of Governor. In 1785-1789, he had served as Ambassador to France, and on his return from Paris, was appointed Secretary of state in the Cabinet of U.S. President George Washington. In this position, Thomas Jefferson worked until 1793. Jefferson put forward his candidacy in the presidential election of 1796, but lost to federalist John Adams. But the election of 1800 he won, becoming President of the United States.

Obverse: Obverse: Portrait Of Thomas Jefferson

Reverse: reverse depicts the statue of liberty, the denomination "$1" and the inscription along the rim – "United States of America".

USA 1 dollar 2007 Thomas Jefferson (P), купить в интернет магазине Номинал Клуб. Фото, описание, цена.

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