Mongolia 20 Mongo 1993 - UNC

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Country Монголия
Year 1993
The value 20 мунгу
Composition Бумага
Quality UNC
Code catalog P-50
Description Серия и номер банкноты могут отличаться от представленной на фото
Dimensions 45 х 90 мм

Banknote of 20 mengue 1993 - Mongolia - KM# 50 - UNC. Series 1993 ND, 1994-1998 Issue.

Front side: Soyombo, Mongolian wrestling (Naadam).

Soyombo (from SKT. ??????? — "samogorodskaya", letter. Mong. soyombu, soyongbu) is an ancient complex symbol, derived from the Hindu-Buddhist heritage. It was popularized in Mongolia one of the most significant historical figures of the country, Zanabazar in the XVII century and since then was seen as a symbol of the Mongolian people. Zanabazar also introduced this character in he invented the Soyombo script.

Nadom (Mong. Naadam, stromung.: na?adum, games) — a traditional Mongolian contest-also known as "three men's games" (eriin Gurvan Naadam), is the Mongolian wrestling, horse racing and archery. Carried out throughout the country in Midsummer.

Mongolian wrestling (Mong. Mongolia b?x) is the most popular sport in Mongolia. Fighting everyone from elderly people to three year old children. 512 or 1024 wrestlers meet in nine or ten rounds in the shootout (davaa). The Mongolian people's struggle does not limit time of rounds, and the round lasts as long as one opponent touches the ground with any part of the body except soles of the feet and hands. When matched pairs, a fighter with greater glory, has the right to choose his opponent. Wrestlers wear two-piece outfit of tight shoulder capes (sogog) and "short" (shuudag). Women to fight are not allowed.

The downside: Fight. Emission center: the Bank of Mongolia.


Mongolia 20 Mongo 1993 - UNC, купить в интернет магазине Номинал Клуб. Фото, описание, цена.

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