Mongolia 1 Tugrik 2008 UNC

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Country Монголия
Year 2008
The value 1 тугрик
Composition Бумага
Quality UNC
Code catalog P-61 Aa
Description Серия и номер банкноты могут отличаться от представленной на фото
Dimensions 115 x 57 мм

Banknote of 1 Tugrik 2008 - Mongolia - World Paper Money P-61 Aa - UNC. Series 2000-2017 Issue.

Obverse: lion China on the coin. Paytsza.

Chinte (Chinte or Chinthe) is a mythical creature, palolem, politikon (according to another version, poligrip). Sometimes found with human faces. The Burmese respect the lions for their courage and splendor , and therefore best guards to altars and temple relics and could not come up with. Here and put stone statues China at the entrance to the pagoda. From Burma (modern Myanmar) adaptation and migrated to other South Asian countries (Mughal, Cambodia, Laos, Sri Lanka, Thailand).

Paytsza, paisa, pizza (from the whale. ??; paizi — "plate", "plate"; Turk. Baysa also Basma; Mong. gerega) — credentials tag, a metal or wooden plate with the inscription, issued in Chinese, Jurchen, the Mongol rulers of the various people as a symbol of delegated authority, vesting special powers. Worn using a cord or chain around the neck or on a belt.

Downside: Soyombo (from SKT. ??????? — "samogorodskaya", letter. Mong. soyombu, soyongbu) is an ancient complex symbol, derived from the Hindu-Buddhist heritage. It was popularized in Mongolia one of the most significant historical figures of the country, Zanabazar in the XVII century and since then was seen as a symbol of the Mongolian people. Zanabazar also introduced this character in he invented the Soyombo script.

Watermark: Portrait of Chinggis Khaan. Emission center: the Bank of Mongolia. Legend reverse: "MONGOLBANK MONGOL ULS 1 TOGROG 2008".

Front: Chinthe lion in a coin. Paiza (Gerege) a tablet of authority for the Mongol officials and envoys. This enabledthe Mongol nobles and officials to demand goods and services from civilian populations. Back: Soyombo - thenational symbol of Mongolia. Watermark: Portrait of Chinggis Khaan.

Mongolia 1 Tugrik 2008 UNC, купить в интернет магазине Номинал Клуб. Фото, описание, цена.

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