Lebanon 5 livres 1986 - the national Museum. The bridge of the era of the Mamluks. Baal

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Country Ливан
Year 1986
The value 5 ливров
Composition Бумага
Quality UNC
Code catalog P-62d
Description Серия и номер банкноты могут отличаться от представленной на фото
Dimensions 145 x 75 мм

Banknote 5 livres 1986 - Lebanon - World Paper Money P-62d - UNC. Series - 1964-1993 Issue.

Obverse: In the center of the banknote – the image of a Museum in Beirut, on the edge of the banknote – patterned frame, decorated with historical motifs. To the right of the Museum – the signature Manager of the Bank of Lebanon and his Deputy. In the upper part of the banknote inscription in Arabic: BANK of LEBANON, in the lower part value. In the upper part of the banknote is the serial number.

National Museum of Beirut is the main archaeological Museum in Lebanon. Located in the capital of the country. The Museum's collection began to take shape before the Second world war, but officially the Museum opened in 1942. The Museum contains more than 100 000 exhibits, most of which were discovered during excavations of the Directorate of antiquity. In the exhibition you can see about 1300 objects presented in a chronological order starting from prehistoric times to the Mamluk period. During the civil war in 1975, the Museum building, built in the Egyptian style, was badly damaged, but most of the collection was saved from destruction.

BA'al with raised arm, which stands on a Phoenician silver coin 1/8 shekel 400-330 BC city of Byblos, king of Adramelech. Bronze statuette of Baal, the XIV-XII century BC, Found at RAS Shamra (ancient Ugarit). Today is in the Louvre. Baal (BA'al, Bel; Bael, Wael) is a Powerful demon, known in antiquity as the Phoenician and zapadnosemitskih deity.

The flip side: In the center – the image of the bridge over the river Nahr al-Kalb (Dog river), on the edge of the banknote – patterned frame. In the upper part of the banknote inscription in French: BANQUE DU LIBAN, in the lower-left – value: CINQ LIVRES. The value is located in the upper corners of the note.

The bridge of the era of the Mamluks over the river Nahr El Kalb (Nahr El Kalb, “The Dog River bridge”) was rebuilt many times. There are two marks of the construction of this arched bridge, one under Sultan Barque (Barqoug, 1392 - 1399) and one with the Emir Bashir Shihab II, the (January 2, 1767 - 1850), who repaired the bridge in 1809. Another bridge, built between 1883 and 1892, was built Pashko Vase (Pashko Vasa, 1825 - June 29, 1892), who was Mutassarif Lebanon (Mutassarrif of Mount Lebanon).

Watermark: Ancient galley. Emission center: the Bank of Lebanon. Printer: Thomas De La Rue and Company, limited liability company (England) - TDLR

Legend reverse: "5 BANQUE DU LIBAN CINQ LIVRES".

Lebanon 5 livres 1986 - the national Museum. The bridge of the era of the Mamluks. Baal, купить в интернет магазине Номинал Клуб. Фото, описание, цена.

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