Kazakhstan 20 tenge 1996, 5 years of Independence of Kazakhstan (two hands)

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Country Казахстан
Year 1996
The value 20 тенге
Composition Медь-Никель
Weight 11.37 g
Diameter 31
Circulation 100000
Quality AU
Directory KM#19

5th anniversary of independence of Kazakhstan.

Independence day came out in 1996, the coin with the error.
To date, there are 2 coins in honor of the 5th anniversary of Independence, on the reverse side of the coin, the monument of independence of Kazakhstan is depicted either with two arms or with one.
The fact is that the monument, which is depicted on the coin was prepared rapidly in order to catch the Independence day. Stamp the reverse of the coin was first made on the preliminary sketch, the Commission has made in the sketch change when 20 thousand copies have already been minted by the mint. As the volume of manufactured coins with the error was large enough and the guilt of the workers of the mint in it was not, the coin is not destroyed. And made 80 thousand copies of coins without error and with one hand at the monument. When passions subsided coins with the error were sold to collectors.
So what was not to the liking of the coin from the outstretched hand of the monument? The fact that the Commission has sparked fears that the soldier with outstretched arm may seem to the world community too aggressive, calling for humility and submission. Therefore, the decision was made to portray the soldier on the monument to peace and the hand of a "preloaded".

Kazakhstan 20 tenge 1996, 5 years of Independence of Kazakhstan (two hands), купить в интернет магазине Номинал Клуб. Фото, описание, цена.

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