Spain 2 Euro 2017 - UNESCO. The Church of Santa Maria del Naranco in Oviedo

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Country Испания
Year 2017
The value 2 евро
Composition Биметалл
Weight 8.5 g
Diameter 25.75
Circulation 475680
Quality AU
The mark of the mint M - Мадрид, Испания
Code catalog UC#100
GURT Ребристый с надписью

Period- The European Union (Euro) (1999 - 2018). Kind of coinageJubilee coins.

UNESCO - the Church of Santa Maria del Naranco in Oviedo.

Church of St Mary of Naranco is located three kilometers North-West from Oviedo, on the South slope of mount Naranco. Initially in the 9th century, this Church was one of the palaces of country complex Ramiro I. the Building was built in 842, a hundred meters from the Church St. Michael of Lillo, which was also part of the Palace complex. However, in the 12th century after a partial collapse last the building was converted into a Church of St. Mary.

Santa Maria del Naranco received the title of historical monument in 1885, and after a hundred years a unique structure was awarded as a world heritage site by UNESCO. Today, this architectural monument of the early middle Ages stands alone in the middle of the wild nature of Northern Spain just a few kilometers from the administrative center of Asturias, Oviedo.

Obverse: the national side of the coin is the Church of Santa Maria del Naranco in Oviedo (Iglesia de Santa María del Naranco)(world cultural heritage). The top has the name of state of issue, "ESPAÑA", under it on the right, the year "2017". On the left is the symbol of the Royal mint of Spain. On the outer ring there are 12 stars of the European Union.

Reverse: Map of Europe located on the right side. On the background of the map shows six vertical lines. At the ends of these lines are 12 stars. To the left of the card has a numerical value. On the card is a horizontal inscription "EURO".

Spain 2 Euro 2017 - UNESCO. The Church of Santa Maria del Naranco in Oviedo, купить в интернет магазине Номинал Клуб. Фото, описание, цена.

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