Album for coins "Towns-heroes and anniversaries" - 19 capsules (empty)

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Country Россия
Year 2017


The album includes the cells under the coins of 5 roubles:
"170th anniversary of the Russian geographical society" 2015;
"The 150th anniversary of the Foundation of the Russian historical society" in 2016.
- 2-ruble coins of the series:"City of heroes",released in 2000 (7 coins), and scheduled for release in 2017, two 2-ruble coins Kerch and Sevastopol
- 2-ruble coins dedicated toThe 40th anniversary of the flight of Yuri Gagarin into space,2001 released the two mints ( 2 coins)
- 1-ruble coins dedicated to200th anniversary of birth of A. S. Pushkin1999, released 2 mints (2 coins)
- 1-ruble coins dedicated toThe 10th anniversary of the CIS2001 (1 coin)
- 1-ruble coin "is a Graphic image of the ruble as a sign", 2014(1 coin)

Total: 17 coins.

Each cell is designed to store certain coins (all cells signed).

The album is made so that the coins are visible from both sides and are closed with plastic on both sides!

The cell is made of plastic. The coins included in the cell tightly.

Each cell is designed to store certain coins (all cells signed by both parties).

In order to insert coins, you must:

1. Telescoping plastic box, taking it to the top of the tablet in a special recess for the fingers, and pulling up.
2. To insert coins into the appropriate cells.
3. Push the insert back.

Tab tablet has a list of all the coins in this series.

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Album for coins "Towns-heroes and anniversaries" - 19 capsules (empty), купить в интернет магазине Номинал Клуб. Фото, описание, цена.

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